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King Arthur and the Sword: Classic Tales Level 2

King Arthur and the Sword: Classic Tales Level 2Classic Tales - bringing the magic of traditional storytelling to language learning.
The stories are carefully graded at Levels 1-5 to provide easy and enjoyable reading. Beautiful illustrations on every page work closely with the text to help understanding.
Each Classic Tale also includes activities related to the story, and a picture dictionary or glossary.

Audio added

Полный курс английской грамматики для учащихся начальной школы. 2–4 классы
Полный курс английской грамматики для учащихся начальной школы. 2–4 классыПолный курс английской грамматики для учащихся начальной школы. 2–4 классы Цель данного учебного пособия - помочь младшим школьникам освоить те темы английской грамматики, которые изучаются во 2-4 классах в рамках школьной программы в общеобразовательных учреждениях любого типа. Оно используется для тренировки и активизации грамматического материала вне зависимости от базового учебника, по которому ведется обучение в школе.
IELTS LISTENING TEST 25, SECTION 1, QUESTIONS 1-10 (Answers and Tapescript included)

IELTS LISTENING TEST 25, SECTION 1, QUESTIONS 1-10 (Answers and Tapescript included)IELTS LISTENING TEST 25, SECTION 1, QUESTIONS 1-10 (Answers and Tapescript included)

IELTS LISTENING TEST 25, SECTION 1, QUESTIONS 1-10 (Answers and Tapescript included) is one of free videos for English Learners deriving from Youtube Boost Listening.  
Surreal Beckett: Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, and Surrealism
Surreal Beckett: Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, and SurrealismSurreal Beckett situates Beckett‘s writings within the context of James Joyce and Surrealism, distinguishing ways in which Beckett forged his own unique path, sometimes in accord with, sometimes at odds with, these two powerful predecessors. Beckett was so deeply enmeshed in Joyce’s circle during his early Paris days (1928 - late 1930s) that James Knowlson dubbed them his "Joyce years." But Surrealism and Surrealists rivaled Joyce for Beckett’s early and continuing attention, if not affection, so that Raymond Federman called 1929-45 Beckett’s "surrealist period."
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology
Classic Readings in Cultural AnthropologyPractical and insightful, CLASSIC READINGS IN CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY is a concise, inexpensive, and accessible reader that presents core historical and contemporary works that have been instrumental in shaping anthropological thought and research over the past decades. Carefully edited by author Dr. Gary Ferraro, the text includes classic readings from the disciplines of cultural anthropology and linguistics.
Technical Communication: Process and Product
Technical Communication: Process and ProductTechnical Communication: Process and Product, 7e by Sharon J. Gerson and Steven M. Gerson, provides a proven, complete methodology that emphasizes the writing process and shows how it applies to both oral and written communication. With an emphasis on real people and their technical communication, it provides complete coverage of communication channels, ethics, and technological advances.
American Cutting Edge 1: Student Book
American Cutting Edge 1: Student BookAmerican Cutting Edge 1 is a comprehensive beginner-level English course that provides a solid foundation in all skills including speaking, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.