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Skills Booster 2 for Young Learners

Skills Booster 2 for Young LearnersSkills Booster is an attractive four-level series specially written to teach and develop listening, speaking and writing skills. Each level is divided into 12 theme-based units. The series has been designed to be compatible with any course of a similar level, but it may also be used independently.
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Starland 1 Workbook and Grammar
Starland 1 Workbook and GrammarSupplementary booklet for Starland 1 coursebook. Contains pairwork activities, vocabulary sections, grammar drills, and skills corners. Starland is a 3-part course for older learners of elementary schools (aged 10-12).
Angielski dla dzieci 6-12 lat

Angielski dla dzieci 6-12 latAngielski dla dzieci 6-12 lat

Pełna wersja programu do nauki języka angielskiego dla dzieci. Program w prosty i przyjemny sposób pozwala opanować podstawowe wyrażenia i zwroty. Nasz mały uczeń wciela się w rolę detektywa, ścigającego przestępcę. Tropiąc podejrzanego, dziecko odwiedza różne miejsca i przy okazji uczy się nowych słówek. Aby ująć sprawcę, musi je opanować i rozwiązać kilka zadań. Ta niezwykle interesująca formuła programu to doskonała zachęta dla wszystkich dzieci rozpoczynających swoją przygodę z językiem angielskim.
Starland 1 Student's Book
Starland 1 Student's BookStarland is a 3-part course for older learners of elementary schools (aged 10-12). Contains amusement elements (Time Out sections), project tasks (ICT corners), interdisciplinary elements (Across Curriculum modules), English speaking counries knowledge (Culture Corners), self-learning tables (Study Skills subchapters), guided-writing exercises, situational dialogues (Everyday English sections), grammar explanatory notes, and vocabulary introductory parts (Modular Pages).
The New Yorker - 29 September 2014

The New Yorker - 29 September 2014The New Yorker - 29 September 2014

The New Yorker is an American magazine that publishes reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry. Starting as a weekly in the mid-1920s, the magazine is now published 47 times per year, with five (usually more expansive) issues for the remaining two-week spans.
Art History: A Very Short Introduction
Art History: A Very Short IntroductionThis clear and concise new introduction examines all the major debates and issues in the field of art history, using a wide range of well-known examples. Dana Arnold also examines the many different ways of writing about art, and the changing boundaries of the subject of art history.
Other topics covered include the canon of art history, the role of the gallery, "blockbuster" exhibitions, the emergence of social histories of art (such as feminist art history or queer art history), and the impact of photography.
American Idioms for Poles - Amerykańskie idiomy dla Polaków

American Idioms for Poles - Amerykańskie idiomy dla PolakówAmerican Idioms for Poles - Amerykańskie idiomy dla Polaków

More than 100 idiomatic words and phrases specific to American-style English are presented in this updated A-to-Z dictionary, complete with definitions and sample sentences. Especially useful for TOEFL test-takers and Polish students in America for whom English is a second language, this book explains and clarifies many of the similes and metaphors that newcomers to American English find mystifying. Idioms undergo constant change in every living language, some of them falling out of use, while new words and phrases become part of the standard vocabulary. This dictionary takes account of the latest idiomatic changes and provides a solid background to informal American English.