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Everyone,Speak! Kids 1: Student Book
Everyone,Speak! Kids 1: Student BookEveryone, Speak! Kids is a three-level speaking series designed for lowbeginner students. With Everyone, Speak! Kids , students develop speaking skills through show and tell presentations and hands-on activities. This series’ cheerful songs and chants, and attractive illustrations capture students’ attention. Speciallydesigned games and activities allow students to gain speaking confidence and interact with their peers in fun and interesting ways. Focusing on basic key words and expressions, with Everyone, Speak! Kids students take their first steps toward becoming strong English speakers.
Write Right 3: Teacher's Guide
Write Right 3: Teacher's GuideWrite Right is a three-level writing series designed for high-beginner to intermediate students. This series adopts a guided writing approach in which students learn a range of genres such as descriptive writing, narrative writing, instructional writing and letter writing. In each unit, students will first acquire the key expressions and sentence structures they need to write about the given topic. Then they will learn to organize their writing by using a graphic organizer that helps them structure their ideas with clarity and coherence.
New Success Upper-Intermediate: Tests
New Success Upper-Intermediate: TestsNew Success retains the best features of Success and is brought up-to-date with refreshed material. An ambitious, traditional but adult-feel course that has a more academic environment and aims at high level school-leaving exams that enable entry into University.
With the same unit organisation and methodology as Success but with new material for reading and listening, New Success can be covered in one academic year at this level in Upper Secondary.
Teacher's Guide to Technical Writing for STEM: Proposals, Plans, and Reports

Teacher's Guide to Technical Writing for STEM: Proposals, Plans, and ReportsThe purpose of this teacher’s guide is to provide resources to assist teachers in preparing students for the technical writing required for any type of STEM proposal or report.

With teacher guidance, students will be taught to find reliable sources, compare ideas from multiple articles, use appropriate citations, develop a plausible prototype, and present their ideas in a coherent manner.

Who Do You Think You Are? - September 2016

Who Do You Think You Are? - September 2016Who Do You Think You Are? - September 2016

Family History brought to life. Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine not only explores the stories behind the popular BBC genealogy TV series, but also helps you uncover your own roots. Each issue is packed with practical advice to help you track down family history archives and get the most out of online resources, alongside features on what life was like in the past and the historic events that affected our ancestors.
Grammar Space 2: Workbook
Grammar Space 2: WorkbookGrammar Space is a three-level grammar series designed for intermediate students. With Grammar Space, students learn essential grammar rules that will help them take their English skills to a more advanced level. The series’ clear and concise explanations and well-designed exercises help students strengthen their understanding of grammar rules and also further improve their writing abilities.
Grammar Space possesses an array of writing activities that encourage students to apply the grammar rules they have learned to complete passages in meaningful contexts.
Tech & Learning - August 2016

Tech & Learning - August 2016Tech & Learning - August 2016

For 30 years, Tech & Learning has served the K-12 education community with practical resources and expert strategies for transforming education through integration of digital technologies. Tech & Learning is often used as a professional development tool to help educators across the board get up to speed with the newest technologies and products in order to best prepare students for the global digital workforce.